Meet the Team

  • Megan S
    Office Manager

    Megan is our office manager at East Maiden Animal Clinic and assistant manager at Hidden Valley Animal Clinic.  Megan started here in August of 2006 as an extern. She’s a graduate of the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. Megan got into this field for the love of client education and, of course, animals. Megan has two dogs: Maggie, a lab-Bassett mix, and Jake, a Shetland sheepdog. She has three cats: Katee, Maya, and Nyxie. She also has two rabbits, a corn snake, and a fish. When she’s not at work, Megan enjoys spending time with her two kids, husband, and neighbors. She also loves to garden, read, and be outdoors in her spare time.

  • Hollie  M.
    Team Lead

    Hollie joined our team in 2016. She has been a veterinary technician for quite a few years and went to school at the Vet Tech Institute. Hollie enjoys all aspects of the veterinary field and thrives on helping animals. She enjoys spending time outside and is rarely found without her dog, Josie. She is a fan of all spooky and Halloween themed things and is an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to baseball and hockey. You can find Hollie and Josie active on any given day at a dog park or advocating for bully breeds everywhere. All species, breeds, and sizes are welcomed in the heart of this technician.

  • Alyssa N

    Alyssa graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in 2018 and joined our team in 2019. She enjoys the anesthesia and surgery aspect of her position. In her spare time Alyssa enjoys camping, fishing, riding dirt bikes, and spending time with her animals. She has two dogs, Bear and Dixie, a cat, and fish. 

  • Kayla R.

    Kayla originally joined Hidden Valley in 2012 after graduating from the Vet Tech Institute. In 2022, we were happy to have Kayla back after a brief break from veterinary medicine. Her favorite things about working in a small animal practice include getting to know patients and their owners, and having the privilege of watching those patients grow up. Kayla has dogs, cats, and two horses. She enjoys horseback riding, barrel, and pole bending. 

  • Brittany J.

    Brittany has been a veterinary technician since 2009 and joined our practice in 2020. She attended Pierpont Community and Technical College in Fairmont, WV. Brittany’s passion in this field is anesthesia and surgery.  She is our lead surgery technician and has done an amazing job keeping our surgery suite as efficient as possible. Brittany has two dogs, Chester and Daphne, that she enjoys going hiking with in her free time, and two cats, Meerkat and Spitfire. Brittany also enjoys gardening and attending concerts. 

  • Jessi K.

    Jessi has been on our team since 2003. Before coming to work here, Jessi attended Waynesburg University and graduated with a BSBA in finance and accounting. Jessi enjoys working with patients and watching them grow. Jessi has been with us for so long that she has built a lot of long-lasting relationships with our clients. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, watching anime with her son, listening to music with her husband, gardening, and scrapbooking. Jessi has three pets: Roman, a three-legged pit bull; Morgan, a wonderful laid-back old man cat; and Norman, her newest ornery, but cute, addition.

  • Dara T.

    Dara graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in 2012 and went straight into emergency and critical care medicine. There she gained invaluable knowledge in hands-on technician skills and life-saving treatments, which developed her passion for feline medicine. Dara and her husband, Dr. Threadgill, own and operate BareBurgh Sphynx Cattery which she started after meeting the love of her life, Dobby, her first sphynx cat. They share their home with their many other cats, three German Shepherds, and a bearded dragon. Dara enjoys vacationing and outdoor activities with her children and husband, and in her spare time you will find her spoiling and providing constant enrichment for her cats.

  • Nicole R.

    Nicole joined our team in May of 2023. She graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in 2014. Nicole became interested in veterinary medicine when her grandparents' beagle got hit by a car. She assisted in her recovery and rehab after she had orthopedic surgery. From then on, she knew she wanted to help animals to get the care they need to live happy, healthy lives. Outside of work, Nicole spends time with her husband and son, and dog, Buster. She enjoys reading, cooking, baking, and gardening. 


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