Meet Our Doctors

  • Dr Wickerman
    Dr. Catherine Wickerham VMD

    Dr. Cat Wickerham joined our team in 1995, right after completing her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated alongside Dr. Allridge. Her professional passion lies in wildlife conservation and veterinary medicine. During her free time, she enjoys exploring national parks, embarking on international adventures, and cherishing moments with her loved ones. In addition to her dedication to animals in the wild, Dr. Wickerham shares her life with two sphynx cats and three mixed breed dogs as cherished members of her family.

  • drA
    Dr. Jodi Allridge VMD

    Dr. Jodi Allridge became a valued member of our team in 1995, following her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. Interestingly, she completed her undergraduate studies just a stone's throw away from East Maiden Animal Clinic, at W&J. During her leisure moments, she finds joy in reading, quality time with her husband and sons, and unwinding with a glass of wine while watching TV. Dr. Allridge's cherished companions include a lab mix, two Maine coons, and a lively parakeet.

  • Dr. Randy Busch VMD

    Dr Busch is a dedicated individual with a passion for veterinary medicine and a love for taking care of people’s cherished pets. His educational journey began at Westminster College, where he majored in Biology and graduated in 1989. He continued his academic pursuit at the University of Pennsylvania, earning his degree in 1993.

    Since 1999, he has been committed to making a difference in the lives of animals and their owners, working tirelessly to ensure the health and happiness of our furry companions. In his free time, you’ll often find him engrossed in the pages of fiction novels or cheering on his beloved Pittsburgh sports teams.

    Beyond his professional and leisure pursuits, his heart belongs to his three wonderful pets. Marvin, a rescue from a Pittsburgh shelter, holds a special place in his heart. Dozer, who was found under a bulldozer at just 7 weeks old, joined his family as a testament to the resilience of animals. Most recently, Norman, a kitty adopted from a Pittsburgh rescue, has brought joy and laughter into his home.

  • drtc
    Dr. Thierry Clermont DVM

    Dr. Thierry Clermont became a member of our team in 2014. He earned his veterinary degree from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating alongside his wife and Dr. Threadgill. Following graduation, he embarked on an internship in Virginia Beach, where he honed his skills as an emergency veterinarian.

    Dr. Clermont's professional passions lie in the fields of soft tissue surgery and emergency medicine. Beyond his work, he treasures moments spent with his family, especially in the great outdoors. He also cultivates a variety of hobbies, including ice hockey, playing the cello, and the art of brewing.

  • drct
    Dr. Chris Threadgill DVM

    Dr. Chris Threadgill became a part of our team in 2016, graduating from the University of Tennessee alongside Drs. Thierry and Rebekah Clermont. Dr. Threadgill's roots trace back to Hartsville, TN, where he grew up on a farm dedicated to beef cattle and tobacco cultivation.

    His professional passions encompass dental and surgical medicine, but beyond the clinic, Dr. Threadgill and his wife, Dara, own and operate BareBurgh Sphynx Cattery, where they are dedicated to breeding the healthiest and happiest pets possible. In his leisure time, he relishes moments with his two young children, engages in BBQ competitions, indulges in homebrewing, explores the art of pyrotechnics, and enjoys visits to the gun range.

    At home, Dr. Threadgill's animal family includes three German shepherd dogs, two domestic shorthair cats, a bearded dragon, and a delightful array of sphynx cats.

  • drrc
    Dr. Rebekah Clermont DVM

    Dr. Rebekah Clermont became an associate at our practice in 2020, following several years in the teaching profession. She holds a degree from the University of Tennessee, where she graduated alongside her husband and Dr. Threadgill.

    Dr. Clermont's professional interests revolve around internal medicine and pathology. Off-duty, she is a devoted mother to two young children and a cherished hound dog. She relishes engaging in various activities and adventures with her family, which includes cycling, hiking, and nurturing a garden together with her husband.

  • drnt
    Dr. Nicole Turner DVM

    Dr. Turner became a part of our team in 2021. She pursued her undergraduate studies at Washington & Jefferson College and achieved her DVM degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. One of Nicole's most cherished aspects of working in a small animal practice is forging meaningful connections with our clients and their beloved pets.

    Beyond her professional life, Nicole finds joy in spending quality time with her children, her husband, and her two canine companions, Brinley and Zelda. She also dedicates her time to volunteering with the Children's Ministry at the Bible Chapel and has a passion for exploring new destinations and trying out new restaurants with her family.


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